Stage Acts

Welcome, traveler to Nottinghamshire where our harvest faire beckons you with beautiful music, sweet sounds and fine entertainment all gathered in one place just for you! Here on this page you will find information on Nottingham’s four stages and the diverse entertainment you will find upon them!

From exotic belly dance to music, jugglers to dancers you will find it all here. Rumor has it that her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I and her court may even take to the stage for your enjoyment.


Meet the Queen

Hear ye, Hear ye!
Come one and come all to the John Barleycorn stage for a once in a life time experience to meet and greet Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I. Her Majesty is here in Nottingham this beautiful fall day to make merry and leave the politics of London behind if only for a short time. While here, she wishes to meet each and every one of you personally and what better way than to make herself available to you. Come and say hello, bring your children and your portrait maker and take a portrait with her Majesty. This is the perfect opportunity to ask her that burning question you have been wanting to ask: Which of her gentlemen courtiers does she find the most handsome? What is her favorite food? What is her favorite dance?

Auditions for Shakespeare

A rare opportunity for members of the audience to perform on stage with the bard, himself. Master Will is always looking for new talent, and maybe it’s your turn. This is an open stage for young adults who have some Shakespearean lines to perform and a chance to discuss the works with the author – get some tips! Lines can also be provided for those without something prepared! Tread the boards, show your talent, Audition for Shakespeare!

A Little Hamlet

Master Shakespeare and his Crescent Troupe are pitching a new plot, hoping to gain interest. But this tragedy turns comedy when anything must be done to follow the motto: The show must go on! This half hour summary of a masterpiece weaves lines of old within the current story to help Prince Hamlet tell his story!

Brigid’s Daughters

These two British sisters are fascinated by the beauty and romance of the madrigals and love songs they sing from Spain, Italy, France, and their English homeland. They long to roam and explore the world and find the kind of love of which they sing. Their angelic voices have been known to capture hearts and delight children of all ages. Perhaps this will help them find a love to whisk them away… Is it you?

Briton Ensemble

The Briton Ensemble, named for director James Briton Hendricks, has been soothing the ears of Renaissance Faire guests and participants since the 1980s. The current group of about 22 singers, together since 2000 and based in Los Angeles, perform regular concerts of traditional Renaissance madrigals (and songs of that genre) and produced a Christmas album entitled “Now That We’re Together” in 2007. (Note: because of scheduling, the usual number of us that attend a performance ranges from 14 to 20.)

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Country Garden Dancers

Country Garden Dancers is an English Country Dance performance troupe established in 2006 at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Irwindale, California. We are the faire’s primary country dance group, performing scripted plays for stage, as well as improvised dance shows at the Maypole Commons. The troupe consists of approximately 25 core dancers accompanied by three full-time musicians. Visiting dancers and musicians may occasionally join in the dance, music, and merriment. We welcome guests to try a few steps with us, too!

The purpose of the troupe is to present English Country dances that were performed by people from all walks of life in Renaissance England. First published in 1651, John Playford’s historic dance manual, The English Dancing Master, documents the dances of that time and is our primary source for our dance steps and music.

Our home performance site is at the faire where our troupe was established, but we have also danced at the J. Paul Getty Museum, Northern California Renaissance Faire, at various schools doing educational programs, and at promotions. We are pleased to be part of the newest faire in Southern California, The Nottingham Festival, and look forward to meeting you. Huzzah!

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Front Gate Morning Show

The Queen is coming to Nottingham, and it’s Mayor Quarneby’s job to assure all is ready for her Majesty’s Visit. Preparing his eccentric aldermen and his simpleton sheriff is enough of a problem without the addition of a young fellow claiming to be Robin Hood adding to the confusion.

The Golden Pipers

Ha’Penny Singers – Renaissance Revelry for all Occasions

A welcome sight at various Renaissance faires in California for many years, the Ha’Penny Singers enjoy performing in the streets and pathways, providing authentic ambiance for travelers to the shire with catches, rounds, canzonettes, and traditional madrigals.

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Kate Friedricks

“Kate Friedricks, known on the streets and stages of Ye Faire as “Playne Kate” or “Bonny Kate”, has been performing at Renaissance Faires since the 1970s. Watch for her on stage playing mandolin and recorders for the dancers, and in the streets demonstrating the devilishly difficult Pipe ‘n’ Tabor.

Kate also served as Director of Music and Dance for the Living History Centre, wrangling the ever-boisterous musicians and dancers for the Agoura and Blackpoint Faires, and the Great Dickens Christmas Fair.”

Kirk Grodske Magician

Kirk is a veteran performer of the Magic Castle in Hollywood, and he performed for 13 years at the Agoura Renaissance Fair. Equally at home on stage or your living room or a boat touring the harbor, he brings amazing magic right up close to your guests.

Casual, contemporary or formal styles complete with animal balloons are available. Kirk specializes in magic that looks like magic, but with an element of fun! Primarily designed for adults, but equally at home with children <–


Imagine you’re exploring a street fair on a warm spring day. In busy booths, street vendors sell jewelry, incense, handmade crafts, delicious exotic snacks. All at once you come upon a circle of animated men and women dressed in bright Renaissance garb, singing joyfully. One of them turns and beckons you into the center of the circle, where several other fair dwellers are listening intently with eyes closed. You hesitate, but after a bit of friendly cajoling, you agree to enter. As you quiet yourself, you are astonished by the sound of the music. Turning, you can hear each voice clearly; they blend and intertwine in delicate harmonies, sometimes haunting, sometimes playful, in rich unison and complex counterpoint.

This is Madrigali, a group of musical performers singing traditional Renaissance and medieval music – a cappella madrigals, folk songs, ballads, chants and carols, almost all of it written prior to 1650. Madrigali seeks to bring this once wildly popular music back to life, not in some stuffy academic setting, but full of spirit, color, drama, and emotion – romantic, fanciful, bawdy, joyous.


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Manis O’Toole

Self-proclaimed world traveler, adventurer and lady’s man of the 16th century. Manis roams the streets of faire playing renaissance tunes on his mandolin and engaging in tall tales of his adventures (very tall tales). He’d like to be known as “Manis the Great” but he’s more typically known as “Manis the drunken” or “Manis the Womanizer” or “Manis the fella who once ate a goat dropping for a shilling”… Enjoy the music and stories – keep an eye on your valuables.

Mistress Judith Rowan – Linda J. Levin

Mistress Judith Rowan sings plaintive songs of love, loss, and misbehavior, accompanying herself on the Renaissance cittern.

Passado Action Theatre

Passado Action Theatre presents “Shakespeare Unplugged” – a collection of Shakespearean vignettes filled with bawdy humor, physical comedy and outrageous swordplay. The show includes accurate – yet slightly irreverent – treatments of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Romeo and Juliet, Twelfth Night, Taming of the Shrew and more! There are also some serious moments for the classical diehards in the audience and, yea, verily, even a sonnet or two.

Passado Action Theatre is a not for profit company that presents action theatre/stage combat/stunt shows and workshops for high school & college students. Passado aims to prove that Shakespeare can be fun, entertaining AND understood by everyone. WARNING!! This show is rated FUN! After all, nothing says “Shakespeare” like bawdy jokes and people running at each other with sharp, pointy objects!!!

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The Pipe & Bowl Morris Dancer’s

The Pipe & Bowl Morris Men have been practicing the craft of English ritual dance for an unbroken run of over forty years, getting their start at the original Renaissance Pleasure Faires of California. Joining in with their good cousins from Nottingham, the Pipe & Bowl Morris will be performing the Abbots Bromley Horn Dance, inspired by England’s ancient folk tradition. Danced with antlers and a heartbeat rhythm, they tour the village, bringing good luck and prosperity to one and all!

Queen’s Show – God Save the Queen!!

The Queen has come to Nottingham with a simple plan…to enjoy the countryside, visit with her people and renew her friendship with the Mayor’s Wife. However, events and historic individuals conspire to interfere with her desires for a simple day of dancing and feasting at the faire. As a result, the Queen makes a decision that may alter the course of history, and the irksome Spanish Ambassador learns a lesson in Swordsmanship…and Diplomacy.


Becky Spiro, violin & David Key, lutes.

While they are new arrivals to the Renaissance era, David and Becky have been performing together for years as Rigel, presenting a rich and varied collection of traditional and modern Scots, Irish, English, American, and occasionally klezmer music. They appear regularly at the Seaside Highland Games in Ventura and at Heritage Square Museum in Los Angeles, and at Scottish country dances, coffeehouses, pubs, and weddings.

David’s fine voice and storyteller’s delivery prove engaging in songs and ballads both romantic and tragic (staples of the Renaissance imagination). Becky’s fine styling takes the lead in airs and dances that will draw you in with toe tapping and a smile at the very least, even perhaps a swoon

Ye Olde Tale of King Arthur

Arthur and his trusty knight, Lancelot, must rescue fair Gwenivere from the clutches of the Evil Mordred in this silly little rhyming play.

The Story Wrens

Bringing the ancient story songs to life
Tight harmonies on Child ballads, lively traditional English folk and silly sea songs are accompanied by tenor mandolin, whistles, fiddle, bass and other instruments. Their Celtic harper, Shawna, was winner of the All-Ireland contest and performed this year with the Chieftains. Winners of the LA Critic Awards “Best Folk Album 2012.