Featured Characters

Queen Elizabeth Tudor

Ruler of England from 1558 to 1603 and daughter of the great King Henry VIII our beautiful young monarch has found herself once again on her yearly progress throughout her lands to escape the hot and pestilent city of London. Her Majesty and her beautifully clothed retinue of Lords, Ladies and Knights find themselves in the small unsuspecting shire of Nottingham during its harvest festival and quickly fall in love with its charm and the zany characters found there all trying to entertain her Majesty and her nobles. When you see her Majesty remember to loudly cry out, GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!

William Shakespeare

Amid the Squabbling creators of England’s fledgling new theatres is emerging yet another True Renaissance Man. This son of a Glove Maker began by writing lewd scripts to amuse the ha-penny apiece groundlings…but his talents have grown beyond both Marlowe and Johnson, and his plays now deeply probe the human condition, in Comedy, Tragedy and History. Of all the luminous names in this Golden Age of England, it is probable that it is Shakespeare’s name that will be heralded down all the ages to come.

Master Mayor Henry Quarneby

Nottingham’s Mayor again prepares to welcome the Queen to his village, and her Majesty intends a day of simple recreation with her beloved subjects. It’s the Mayor’s job to make sure that she is undisturbed in her revels…but interruptions from a sonnet-quoting Shakespeare and an enraged Spanish Ambassador threaten her holiday. Once again, Mayor Quarneby has his hands full.

Katherine Quarneby

Once timid and retiring, Katherine Quarneby’s unexpected rise in the Queen’s favor has brought out a daring new Mayor’s Wife, who visits in court alongside the Nobility and even dances with the Queen. With a dynamic woman on the throne, Nottingham now has a power behind the Mayor’s chair as well.

Captain Francis Drake

Our young Queen sees something special in this talented young Sea Captain. Queen Elizabeth senses that her realm needs protection from the avaricious great powers of Europe. Spain, The Low Countries and Scotland are avowed enemies, the Church of Rome seeks to end her reign, France cannot be trusted and the German Armies are Soldiers of Fortune, loyal only to their pay. Elizabeth needs a Navy to defend England, and great and loyal men to command her ships. This headstrong Captain Drake may be the foundation of a Golden Age for England.

Robin of Nottingham

Who is this fellow? The original Robin Hood roamed nearby Sherwood Forest hundreds of years earlier…but this new Robin is up to new mischief in Nottingham. Robin and his men claim to be itinerant actors, but this band of Merry Men rival the original character in providing headaches for the Master Mayor and Town Sheriff…particularly since the Mayor’s Daughter Marian has joined the jolly band.

Friar Tuck

And who is this fellow? Word is he’s actually Nottinghamshire’s village brewmaster, who happened to really like the monk robes left behind in Fountains Abbey after King Henry VIII broke from the Papacy and expelled the monks and friars from England. Now, he has taken up the mantle of “Friar Tuck” (and quite forgotten his real name) and can be found with Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men, roaming the lanes of Nottingham.

Sheriff of Nottingham

Collect a few bribes, free ale at the pub, strut for the town ladies…the position of Sheriff of Nottingham was once a very nice living. But as his predecessor learned, three hundred years ago, the peace and profitability of the position evaporates when that cunning criminal Robin of Sherwood wrecks his mischief on the town. Between the Merry Men and the village madmen wishing to address the Queen, our town sheriff has a very busy festival day ahead.

Edward Chamberlayne, Master of the Guilds

The deeply respected Master of the Guilds is one of Nottingham’s most revered citizens, owner of the Alabaster Religious Statuary studio that brings fame to the community throughout Northern Europe. However his tendency to float away into a world of his own can cause awkward moments…particularly when being visited by the Queen.

Sir Richard Morehage, Tax Collector

Sir Richard is Nottingham’s tight fisted Tax Collector, who expresses his loyalty to the Queen by squeezing every shilling and groat out of the community. Even the Queen herself is a bit put off by his zeal to collect Her Majesty’s Share.