The Goal of the Nottingham Festival

Since the days after the Faire put on by the Living History Center left Agoura, there has been a desire to bring a more accessible regional Renaissance style event back to the Ventura County area. A group of dedicated volunteers from the community along with the Actor’s Repertory Theater of Simi and the non-profit Simi Valley Cultural Association set out to make that dream a reality. Nottingham Festival will recreate the magic and revelry of an Elizabethan faire and marketplace with street performers and stage acts that will provide entertainment for all ages. Craft workers and reenactors from various guilds will entreat you to experience a taste of the handicrafts and lifestyle of the 16th Century. Our hope is that you will be well entertained and maybe even learn a thing or two about the time period and its people. Proceeds from this non-profit festival will be granted to smaller non-profit agencies in the surrounding communities, as well as some set aside for the further development of the arts programs for youth.

What is a Renaissance Festival?

A “Renaissance Festival” is an outdoor entertainment event that emulates a historic period in Europe, often portraying a village market festival in England during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Booths can be found selling arts and handicrafts representing the time as well as plenty of different types of food and drink. The streets are lined with people dressed as they did back in that time, some portraying historical figures like William Shakespeare and Sir Francis Drake, even the Queen, herself. Around some corners, stages can be found with live music, theater, and variety of entertainment, including jugglers, acrobats, and knife throwers.

These events began over 50 years ago not far from the location of our Nottingham event. They were started by schoolteacher Phyllis Patterson in her backyard as an educational event for her students. Shortly after, working with radio station KFPK they made it a public event.

Nottingham Festival hopes to create an entertaining and educational event that would make those involved in the first event proud!